The reunions of 2019 are wrapping up and the reunions for the summer of 2020 are being planned.  Can your classmates reach you?

Please take a moment today to enter your contact information through our Alumni website.  It only takes a moment. Along with updated information for your class, you will also receive our annual newsletter.  Provide your email, and you will also receive updates throughout the year of special events the alumni association will be hosting, giving you the opportunity to network with your fellow alumni.

Are YOU the one planning the reunion for your class?  We are a great source for your class contact info.  Contact us at [email protected]

The 2020 Extravaganza is happening the summer of 2020.  Whether or not it is a reunion year for your class, consider planning a get together for that weekend.  It will be a great event to reconnect with alumni from all class years.  Information on the 2020 Extravaganza is located under the EVENTS tab on the Alumni Website.