The Ticonderoga Alumni Scholarship Program

The Ticonderoga Alumni Association encourages all students to advance their educational endeavors. Every student who gradates from Ticonderoga High School has an opportunity to receive funds through our scholarship program. The scholarship is a one-time award given directly to students after they provide proof of matriculation following their first semester of college. The award may be deferred for up to one year with the approval of the scholarship committee. Students who join the military are eligible to receive their awards after completing training that provides them with college credit or completing one semester of college courses.

All students in the Ticonderoga Central School District are eligible to earn points beginning in their freshman year of high school. Points are based on attendance, academic performance, family involvement, good citizenship and behavior, and participation in extra-curricular activities and community service.

Scholarship applications will be provided to students in March of their senior year. Completed applications must be returned to the guidance office by May 15th.

Point Distribution
Attendance 15 points
Academics 45 points
Discipline/Good Citizenship 10 points
Families as Partners 10 points
Extracurricular Activity 10 points
Community Service 10 points

Please contact the Guidance office for additional information about the Alumni Scholarship Program.

Ticonderoga Alumni Scholarship Awards-FAQ

1. What is the Alumni Scholarship Award?

A program established by the Ticonderoga Alumni Association to encourage seniors to “Take one more step” after graduation by enrolling in college or tech school, enlisting in the Armed Forces, or entering an approved apprenticeship program. Eligible graduates receive money based on points they have earned during their four years in high school for good attendance and behavior, grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities (clubs, teams, drama, music, etc.) community service, and family involvement in school activities (attending open house, parent conferences, games and performances, volunteering at school events, etc.).

2. Who is eligible?

Every senior who completes the application by May 1st will receive their money when they have shown progress toward their post high school plans.

3. How much $ will I receive?

This year, every eligible applicant will receive an award of either $1,000 or $750 based upon their point totals.

4. When will I know the amount of my award?

At your June graduation ceremony.

5. When will I receive my money?

When you complete your first semester of college or tech school, Advanced Individual Training (AIT), or finished your apprenticeship, the award check will be sent directly to you. In December, The Alumni Association will send you a letter that describes in detail what information you must submit to receive payment.

6. Do I have to write an essay?


7. Where does all this money come from?

For the most part, from donations from former graduates of Ticonderoga High School. We are proud of you and the school and hope you will, when you are able, support future Sentinels.

8. What’s my next step?

Complete the application and return it to Mr. Wells or the Guidance Office by May 1st. If you have questions, Mr. Wells, your counselor, or Mrs. Moore can help. PLEASE make sure your home mailing address is complete and correct. Also, please feel free to contact Alumni Association President, Steve Boyce at [email protected] ; 518-585-7735 if you or your family need more information.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live out my dreams, and giving me the chance at a very bright future.

Wen Na Yhang, ‘13

I am both humbled and honored to receive the alumni scholarship.

Anthony Costello, ‘13

I am writing to thank you for your generous financial support towards my higher education.

Katie Palandrani, ‘13

It is a goal of mine to give back to this association and help future students further their education. I am proud to be a Ti High Alumni.

Gracie Ginn, ‘13


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