Our new and improved website has been live for only 2 weeks and people are updating their contact information.  We are very excited that people are taking the time to go onto the site and giving us their latest mailing/email particulars…encourage your fellow alumni to come onto the site and do the same.  We are building a stronger, more accurate database to serve our members.  We are also learning that quite a few of you would prefer receiving our annual newsletter in an email instead of the good old postal service.

Also, we have received our first reunion news…Go Class of 1969!  Their information is posted on our reunion page.  If you are from that class, keep checking back to see the latest updates to your reunion planning….if you have a class who is planning a reunion, please send us your info and we will post it on the reunion page as well.

The Alumni Association website is here for YOU!  Let us know what you want to see…thanks and GO SENTINELS~